"Just 5 minutes a day will bring you closer to your true self, to your dreams, and gives you the resilience and mental fortitude to approach the challenges that life offers. "

The Gifts of Taking this Challenge 

You have all the answers.  With 5 minutes of quiet focus - you can access these hidden resources and much more.  

Meditation builds focus, clarity and centred-ness. You will sleep better, deal with stress proactively and calm anxiety and depression.   

It only takes 5 minutes a day for 6 weeks. 

Imagine the feeling of being in control of your thoughts and feelings, of being able to bring your best self to meetings, conversations and tough decision making. 

You will gain fresh perspective.

Course Includes:

- 6 week meditation program  

- 5 minute guided meditations    

- New meditation technique every week   

- Weekly video tips to support your practice   

- Private Facebook Group to share experiences   

- Unlimited access to all resources during the course   

- Lifetime access to all resources

About Salimah Kassim-Lakha, Yoga Therapist

Salimah’s training as a Yogi started in 2004. She travelled all over the world to pursue advanced Yogic Studies in meditation and mantra.  

Salimah’s dynamic teaching style has been featured on Canadian news media. She was voted Yoga Teacher of the Year by Natural Health Care Canada.  

In 2012, Salimah completed 2,000 hours of training as a Yoga Therapist. 

In 2014 she left the corporate world to pursue Yoga full time. She opened YogaVision Centre, a thriving centre of Yoga, Meditation and Healing for all ages.

This 5 Minute Meditation Challenge is Salimah’s contribution to a worldwide movement of consciousness and transformation.  

Her advice for this course is to “Start where you are.  Meditation is a art and science of self regulation and self realization.  Enjoy the benefits of a calm mind.”

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